About AKRW

What is AKRW Doing?


Educating members, local residents, and stake-holders about research that addresses important issues within the watershed.


Discussing concerns with local resource managers to promote activity which will increase water storage and reduce erosion due to rapid water runoff.


Promoting conservation management practices which allow for greater biodiversity within the watershed.


Assisting scientists with planning and execution of research activity in the Knife River. Assist with forest management to control invasive species.


The Advocates, or AKRW, began as neighbors and friends coming together in the winter of 2010-11 to protect the Knife River watershed when a large timber harvest was being planned. We were originally facilitated by Andrew Slade of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership. The organization incorporated as a non-profit in 2011-12 and elected its first Board of directors in February 2013. We have held educational forums/presentations several times a year since 2013, with a hiatus during 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Our mission is to be a citizen voice for the private and public land use decisions that affect the watershed ecosystem. We have agreed on four key purposes to guides us in our organization’s activities:

1. Conduct educational and outreach activities that increase public awareness of policies and practices that affect the Knife River watershed,

2. Promote and engage in activities that can improve water quality in the Knife River watershed,

3. Serve as a forum for citizens voices in private and public land use decisions that affect the watershed ecosystem, and

4. Provide pertinent facts to agencies, elected officials and the public regarding land use decisions that affect the ecosystem in the Knife River watershed.